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El Dorado County

"The Goldbud Philosophy"


El Dorado Viticultural Map


This El Dorado Vineyard is high elevation, mountain fruit. The soils are volcanic red with good drainage that was originally planted and farmed by Ron Mansfield, and carried on into the next generation by his son Chuck Mansfield. Ron earned his degree from our Alma Matter UC Davis in Renewable Agriculture in the 1970s, way before everyone was talking about sustainability. His sunlight into the canopy philosophy lead to his belief that Cabernet Franc would benefit from head training to resolve green flavors (methoxypyrazines) typical of the varietal. The Mansfields own and operate the very successful Goldbud Farms - a fresh market produce company. Ron knows how to grow fruit, but most importantly a master at achieving uniform ripeness through canopy management. The Cabernet Franc from this vineyard are always delivered as cosmetically stunning as the fruit is expressive in Goldbud’s signature wooden bins. The Scrapper is made in a very structured, Bordeaux style and is a tribute to all of the underdogs out there.

Mansfield Cabernet Franc wines in a rare California weather event, February 2023